We first hand cut pieces of leather according to expertly designed patterns. Each piece will construct a part of the shoe and so needs to be cut out of the most perfect parts of the leather skins. We then finely thin off the overlapping edges so that the junctions are flush, making sure the whole upper is smooth to the touch.


After pieces are cut, the upper leather is marked and stitched together according to the design to indicate how they are to be sewn together. The lining is then attached to the upper and any decoration details are carved or punched out. 


This crucial step gives the leather upper its shape. The shoemaker nails the upper on the chosen last, stretching it precisely and firmly with lasting pliers so that it takes the last shape properly. All our shoes are hand lasted for maximum precision. Nothing can replace a shoemaker's experience in properly lasting a shoe.

He then constructs the insole on the bottom of the shoe to prepare it for receiving the outer sole.


Once the insole is constructed and the balance is perfect, the sole is ready to be attached, a leather strip (welt) is hand-stitched to the insole, this welt will later be stitched together by hand, stitch by stitch to the outer sole who comes in contact with the ground.


The heel is constructed so that the shoe is well balanced and comfortable to wear. The sole is then waxed for impermeability and decorated. The shoe is finally polished and is ready to be delivered.