Fine leather is at the essence of every one of our creations. Sourcing from the right tannery for each element of the shoe is what gives our shoes their superior characteristics. 

Tanneries du Puy, Haute-Loire, France (HERMES S.A.)

Our uppers are all made from the finest unfinished calf leather from Tanneries du Puy, who also supply our shoemaker friends at Aubercy, John Lobb and Edward Green and the maisons Hermès and Chanel.

Inspired by the depth and beauty of coulours obtained using patinas, we hand dye every single skin at the atelier, which allows for an infinite colour palette and greater finish. The skins we hand pick from the tannery are selected one by one for their outstanding suppleness.

All shoes are lined with vegetable tanned natural calf leather which is extra-breatheable and softer to the skin.

J.R. Rendenbach Lederfabrik, Trier, Germany

Our soles are sourced from a century old and family-run tannery in Germany, one of the last remaing traditional oak bark tanneries in the world.

Using a process taking one year of soaking in traditional tanning pits with oak bark, spruce, mimosa bark and valonea fruit, J.R Rendenbach are known for producing the most robust, waterproof and naturally breathable soleing leather in the world.