"Repairing, caring, maintaining : ecology the old fashion way"

Due to popular demand, we now offer an exclusive, bootmaker-grade, revamp service for your finest shoes, those beloved pairs requiring that extra bit of attention.

We love all beautiful shoes, not just ours ! We believe in making beauty last, and fixing existing shoes rather than buying new ones will challenge the concept of fast-fashion widely seen today.

We provide a tailored repair & alteration service equivalent to having new shoes made for you.

We can either make your shoes new again, or completely transform them. Come in to have a winter-proof Dainite rubber sole fitted to replace worn out leather soles. Or transform a pair of brown casual shoes into a black dress shoe, by changing its colour and type of sole.

Simply visit us to see how we can make beauty last and evolve though time.

Please bear in mind that we do not operate public opening hours, get in touch directly with us by using the form below and schedule a visit to our secret atelier.